Frequently Asked Questions

How does Grub Guide work?

Grub Guide offers you access to over $200 worth of meals and offers from 29 participating food trucks. Our Guide will take you on a culinary adventure, exploring food trucks here in Phoenix Arizona and its surrounding cities. Once you purchase our Grub Guide, start your adventure by visiting each food truck listed in our Guide. Present the Grub Guide to the cashier and they will either sign or stamp your guide and give your your meal or offer.

Is Grub Guide a coupon book?

Yes and no. Grub Guide is more then a coupon book. It is an adventure guide that will take you on a journey eating new foods while exploring new places. It also helps support local and small businesses! But yes, you do get free food along the way!

How do we find out where the food trucks from Grub Guide will be?

The best practice is to follow the food truck's social media page because they will post their schedule on there.

What should I expect when I arrive at a food truck participating in Grub Guide?

Expect a smiling face and have your Grub Guide ready to present the food truck so you may redeem your meal or offer from the food truck.

Is there a return policy?

Please get in touch with for more information or reach us at contact page.

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